BBC Winter Olympics - Nature

15 Jan 2014 //

Tags: Inspiration

This really does blur the line between live action, 3D modelling and animation. Its a stunning piece but when you view the credits a massive team is behind making this happen. I can only image what the budget must have eyes are watering.

There are several aspects of this piece I really admire. The pace, a tantalising build up to the main reveal of the characters but then you are left 'hanging' as they get set and 'drop in'. It's a palpable wait...waiting for the moment, for the start.

Next is the attention to detail. Ignore the fact the modelling is superb and the direction of photography is beautiful, its the way the little things speak volumes such as snow sticking to the camera and these are blurred here, its the difference in the wind which affects things behind rocks, obscured by trees or whipping round and down gullies. here

Its a very over romanticised vision but damn good one. I for one love it.

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