Felix Baumgartner and GoPro

04 Feb 2014 //

Tags: Musings

I was sat with the laptop ticking over waiting for the moment Felix made his jump. I have to admit each exterior shot and the build up made the entire experience exciting, especially with the odd occasion where they silenced radio chatter as Felix experienced fogging in his visor. Understandably daunting. I was left with a will he or won't he feeling. 

This latest release is a great edit, lovely paced build up and great to hear the chatter again along with his view as he checks his suit and cameras as he prepares for the jump.

There is one point in the edit which is really powerful for me really hammers home the speed and sheer guts, http://youtu.be/dYw4meRWGd4?t=3m45s here we cut from a locked off capsule shot as Felix jumps and free-falls away at a dramatic speed disappearing to a dot in the centre of the screen. They hang on this shot as he shrinks away and melts into the background landscape below. Then we cut to a shot looking up as Felix lets go, we go back to the capsule and see this as if clinging to his leg. http://youtu.be/dYw4meRWGd4?t=3m54s This time, its peaceful, feels flow and floaty with the soundtrack of his breathing taking into a lovely soundscape. 

A lot of the curvature in the shot is due to the exceptionally wide angle of the camera but we can see the blackness of space as he begins a terrifying spin and blasts through the sound barrier. During the skydive, he accelerated from 0 to 843.6 mph (1,357 km/h) — that's Mach 1.25. At this point he seems to hold his breath, his breathing seems to stop as Colonel Joe Kittinger calls through "See if we can get a respiratory count". During this time we are even show the pint Felix is worried about blacking out, his communication becomes confused until ultimately he regains control. 

Truly amazing achievement, and for me even as an observer a great experience. 

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