Plover Scar Lighthouse

01 Jan 001 //

Tags: Time-lapse

Captured on a Canon 60D with a 17-85mm lens, the exposure was locked with intervals of 5 seconds for around 90 minutes.

The footage has been processed in after effects at 25fps and time remapped to 5 seconds. As with all video content, its always best viewed in HD. 

The filming was a little problematic due to the cold temperatures but mainly the wind blowing in direct from the sea. You'll see some camera shake, but for a test, its successful and provides plenty of data to plan the next sequence.


iphone photo, taken using photosynth app and exporting the 360 panoramic as a flat picture. This picture was taken at the same time as the above time-lapse and a good illustration of the difference you experience in exposure points.

I'm working on the magic formula for the perfect day to night time-lapse and will post my findings as I note them.

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