01 Feb 2014 //

Tags: After Effects Expressions


This expression will track the position and orientation of a layer.
Simply create the layer you want simulate the reflection and give it a name "target layer" in this example.
1. add expression to the position:

var xposition = thisComp.layer("target layer").transform.position[0];
var yposition = thisComp.layer("target layer").transform.position[1];
var zposition = thisComp.layer("target layer").transform.position[2];

2. add expression to the orientation: 

var xorientation = thisComp.layer("target layer").transform.position[0];
var yorientation = thisComp.layer("target layer").transform.position[1];
var zorentation = thisComp.layer("target layer").transform.position[2];

in this example above I've added a compound blur with a gradient to the layers with the expression.

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