Better Call Saul

02 Mar 2015 //

Tags: Musings

I was late to Breaking bad but once bitten I was a convert. So it  was with great anticipation I jumped onto Better Call Saul as soon as it was released.

The first thing that struck me was how good the filming and cinematography was. Its been filmed in a different way to Breaking bad and it works. Breaking bad has fantastic filming, the locations shots in the desert were always lush but the dialogue was very much hand held, Better Call Saul delivers slower wider framed shots with great pacing but with a different flavour.

Bcs 03

The offices at Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill, super glossy, centred and look at the angle of those chairs guiding us over to the head of the table and the thorn in Jimmy's side Howard Hamlin.

Bcs 01

Just fantastic framing as Jimmy sets up a scam after being potentially scammed by twin skaters Lars and Carl.

Bcs 05Bcs 04

Outside the law courts and a regular location for heated exchanges. The bridge seems to represent the overwhelming frustrations of Jimmy very well with these wide sweeping shots.

Bcs 06

Here we see theres more to the random meeting of people and the object of Jimmys affections.

Bcs 02

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