Felix Baumgartner and GoPro

04 Feb 2014 //

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Felix Hero

On October 14th 2012 Felix Baumgartner made a stunning jump from a record-breaking 24 miles up. Along with this jump he was kitted out with the ever popular GoPro cameras of which I am a fan. GoPro have recently released some stunning footage captured by Felix in his free-fall. Read More...

On the piste

01 Feb 2014 //

Tags: Musings

In the spirit of the Winter Olympics, check out this 1987 BBC documentary "On The Piste:" documenting the latest crazy in winter sports and the typical enthusiast. They certainly don't make them like this anymore…which is a shame. Read More...

Aspect Ratios

31 Jan 2014 //

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Aspect Hero

Superbly written lesson by FilmmakerIQ.com about the birth of film, aspect rations and the format wars. Read More...